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Artist of the moment…..Frank Serrano Plein Air Master….

The artist was born in 1967 and is known for his coastal plein aire works. He paints mainly oils on board.

Serrano has produced a dvd taking the viewer on a journey as he creates a live master piece. This is a short preview from the dvd.

Attending the Richard Schmid Art auction yesterday this piece and the work by Mary Garrish impressed me the most as far as landscapes. Great colour and brushwork in both. Both used great combinations of warm and cool greys to give a wonderful atmospheric sense.

If you are looking to start an art collection or find a very well priced piece of art, look no further than this artist or other plein air painters such as Camille Przewodek, William Wray, or Michael Lynch. Many times you can find smaller gems for right around one thousand dollars.

Serrano grew up in Los Angeles, California. He enjoyed to draw the wildlife he saw on tv shows like National Geographic with Lorne Greene.

In 1990 he decided to pursue fine art painting and give up his highly successful commercial career.

He now has many commercial and private art clients who line up to purchase his paintings and illustrations.

The artist has worked with the Walt Disney Company. He has trained artist to hone their plein air skills and become better at painting background and wildlife images.
Serrano also has taught at the Disney Academy in Burbank, California.

In 2003 he had a book printed by the well known company Walter Foster. I imagine if you are reading this blog you must have some of these great books that are great for both intermediate and beginner skill levels who want to improve at painting landscapes from life.

He is known for painting the hazy air quality that is sometimes prevalent in the Northwest or the coast.

This guy loves to paint out of doors and says it enriches his life. His paintings don’t capture every individual tree, rock, or blade of grass but they sure do capture the emotion of the moment. Serrano is a master at capturing the movement of water. As it moves along the ground and as the waves crash against each other waves as well as rocks  to create a foggy dense air type  of feeling.

This artist has done it all from writing a book, to teaching workshops, and making a DVD.

Low price range: 8 by 8 or 7 by 9 for $1500

High range price: 16 by 20 from $3800 to $4500

Serrano is a member of the California Art Club.

Online and landbased gallery: Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

Link to the artist’s website:
Get out there and paint something in plein air in only one session. Take a hint from this artist and don’t let the painting surface be larger than say 9 by 12 so that you can work quickly and finish it entirely on location!

Happy painting!


Artist of the moment…..Andy Warhol Dialogue artist Mel Smothers…

Here we have an artist who is making a great lifestyle for himself by studying one of my favorite all time artists, Andy Warhol. Mel Smothers was born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York.  The dialogue series is a great nod to the iconic pop star painter Warhol. Its as if Warhol was alive today and able to produce strong socially commentary by his paintings.

The artist uses many of Warhols masterpieces as backgrounds for his own work. Such items as a Marilyn Monroe painting or drawing, a Campbells soup can,

He did an fantastic series called dialog with Andy in which Mel Smothers perfected his technique of mixing Andy Warhol icons with his own imagery. Pieces from this series can be found for less than one thousand dollars.

The artist employs text in many of his artworks.

Included in the museum collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Whipple Art Museum.

For art education the artist attended California State University, studied with Wayne Thiebaud at U. Cal Davis, and earned a Masters Degree from the University of Idaho.

For those negative people who ask what can you do as an artist to make money, look at this example!  The artist taught at the college level at the University of Idaho at Moscow, Idaho, University California at Davis, and Sierra Nevada College.

The artist has also done public works. In 2003 he did a mural in Sacramento and in 2010 an installation project at Biscayne National Park.

I enjoy pretty much anyone associated with the pop art movement, since its true americana art. Even artists who basically copy what came before them like Raymond Pettibone or Mel Smothers. I enjoy the fact that these artists keep reminding us of the great artists of the past. In this regard Andy Warhol will never die and I AM FINE WITH THAT!

Try a pop art style work today!