Artist of the moment…. Americana landscape painter Bruce Cody

I really enjoy this artist as he tries to keep alive the restaurants and buildings of the past that have long since seen better days. Its similar to driving across the southwest on Route 66.  In many of his paintings he also uses typography. Most artist that are good at letter design are also great illustrators of buildings as they are used to making straight lines slightly leaning forward or backward, giving the buildings character.

The artist was born and grew up in Wyoming. His father was a sign painter and he often helped him create his signs, thus giving the artist tremendous inspiration.

He also was a founding member of the Art Students League in Denver and helped to start many other artists’ careers. Among other interesting jobs he was also a courtroom sketch artist.

As for education he studied art in Laramie, Wyoming. After getting a BFA he went on to Washington State where he received a masters degree in art. He also studied art abroad in London at the St. Martin’s School of Art.

I enjoy this artist for his retro look and snapshots of the past!

Try painting the oldest restaurant in your city today!

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