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Artist of the moment…. Landscape painter Victoria Adams…

this artist is just great.  She paints with oils and wax on linen mainly painting scenes with the sky as the focus with a small horizon line.  Having never seen her work in person I am curious if the viewer can see the wax build up and how it is used in the painting, for mountains for trees?  Many of her paintings have excellent compositions in that she uses a square, but makes you feel as if you are looking at a rectangle. Extremely difficult to do.

The artist was born in 1950. She lives in Seattle and gets most of her inspiration from the landscape of the Northwest. Having lived in the Northwest most of my life and her visions ring true.

Style wise the artist is similar to Keith Jacobshagen who also employs dramatic skies mixed with the low horizon lines of the midwestern states like Indiana or Iowa.

Below is an interview with the artist at the Tacoma Art Museum where she discusses her painting methods.

Get outside and try a skyscape today, try to control the blues as much as you can and make sure and use complementary colors.