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Artist of the moment…. Landscape master Jose Barbera

This artist is amazing for his portrayal of light on sand alongside traditional Spanish architecture.  He was born in Valencia Spain in 1945, at the age of 10 he started painting. At a gallery it is listed 1948, but in the American Art Collector magazine it said 1945 so I will go with that.

I love well painted houses. Not technically correct with too much information, but just enough to give the viewer an idea and let the viewer finish the painting. His beach scenes are spectacular. For vivid beaches I love Stephen Scott Young or Winslow Homer, but if you desire to see heavily thickly painted beaches in oil, this artist is great to study!

Sadly he passed away in 2005. He also loved to paint roses and would place them against a simple and sometimes textured background.

He finished his training in 1973 and started to paint professionally then.

He was collected in the U.S., Japan, Holland, and Saudi Arabia. His play on light on sand is just outstanding! And design simple, easily read by the viewer, and you can even feel the hot humid spray of the beach if you are close enough to one his paintings!

This artist inspires me to paint houses, not like the cookie box houses I see in the suburbs, but small individual houses with bright colors you see in the Caribbean.

find a style of building you like, I prefer older textured buildings, and get to it. Another person to study for buildings is Joseph Cisquillop who also paints Spanish style architecture but he uses an acrylic mix that can be made to look like weathered rock and stone.