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Artist of the moment….French mixed media artist Eric Liot…

I enjoy this artist for his creativity. Working mainly with acrylics and collage, his pieces are very fresh and contemporary with a strong sense of graphic design. Almost as if it was done by a tagger who ended up going to artschool.

The artist was born in 1964 in Caen, France. The artist has had many shows in France, Germany, and the U.K.

Here is a link to a so you may do further research.

Try a comic book style painting today to loosen up!

Keep learning!


Artist of the moment… Cornielle.. Dutch Mixed media artist….Guillaume Cornelis Van Beverloo

I am back from vacation!

This artist was born in Belgium in 1922 and passed away only last year in 2010. He lived there until age 12 and then he moved with parents back to the netherlands. The artist was a founding member of the cobra art movement, bringing together artists in Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. He was active not only showing paintings but also in publishing his poetry. This group dissolved in 1951, he moved to Paris, and started collecting African art. This move also became evident in his works such as his wooden sculptures. His landscapes were often done from a birds eye view.

I enjoy this artist for his creativity and hope that we call can take some time to write poetry or at least do something creative that is out of our normal comfort zone!

thanks for reading!