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Artist of the moment…. Fab 5 Freddy…

If you used to watch MTV back in the days of music videos and awesome friday nights with Fab 5 Freddy and Yo MTV Raps! you will remember this guy as the first host of the music show  Yo MTV Raps! He was a  good friend of taggers Keith Haring and Basquiat. Born and raised in Brooklyn for awhile this artist just turned to filming all sorts of modern art, dance, hip hop, breakdancing.

I saw him recently in the magazine Juxtapose and his work reminds me of Mickalane Thomas.  Whereas Thomas uses a projector to get her photo just right for painting, then she adds rhinestones.  Fab 5 uses a photograph and puts on rhinestones on over the top.

A link to artists website.

This artist was born in 1959. As a teenager his graffiti group was called the Fabulous 5.  He was very influential in bringing hip hop to everyone in the country, he helped bring it outside of the ghettos and into suburban america. The artist helped producte the movie Downtown 81 about Jean Michel Basquiat and his daily life as well as Wild Style about graffit artist Lee Quinones.

In the video Rapture by Blondie the artist appeared making graffiti. Rapture was the first hip hop rap culture video to be shown on MTV.

He was also counts New Jack City among his acting credits.

This artist is just so good at everything, hard not to be inspired by him!

The artist talking about his works!