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Have you seen Artist Ai Weiwei???

This is perhaps the most famous person in contemporary art other than Damien Hirst. A longtime critic of Chinese law he has been missing for couple of weeks now.  We knew this circumstance would happen, his father was a well known poet who talked down the communist system and Ai Weiwei had to watch his father do meaningless tasks just to get the family buy.

Ai himself studied Art in Beijing, but left for the United States in 1982 for more opportunities stateside.

He also helped design the birds nest olympic stadium for the last olympics alongside some famous Swiss architects.

He can be followed on twitter most of the time, though everyone is wondering what the hell the government did to him as he has gone missing and not showing up for openings, which are small celebrations that turn into large events now that he is so well known thru out the Contemporary Art Scene.

The photo that looks like a bunch of sunflower seeds, each seed was had made was included in an installation that was changed as people were to walk thru the seeds, but this made too much dust. Small 200 pound bags of the stone are available and go at auction for around 550,000 dollars. The seeds are made out of porcelain and more than 1600 artists of the artists’ hometown were used for the project! Kudos for giving work to other artists. Another Warhol and Murikami in the making!

He moved back to china in 1993 after his father became sick. While in the states he studied at Parsons School of Design.

His florals are quite breath taking, the dresses are made of ceramic and look lifelike and full of color.

The artist also won awards for helping design a house in New York.

keep your eyes open and post  if you see anything!