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Death of Master Artist Clark Hulings…

This painter is simply one of the best of his generation. He was born in 1922 in Florida and raised in New Jersey. Among his teachers were Frank Reilly and George Bridgeman whom he studied with at the Art Students League of New York. The artist from time to time would take sketching classes as well as give guest lectures, I have included some clips and you can buy them on DVD I believe.

The artist had a gift for making art but didn’t like the various demands of the sitters he turned to illustration.  Later in life he found inspiration in the simple things and tasks in life we all do. Going to the market, saturday market or farmers market, washing clothes, gathering flowers, and of course his favorite animal to paint, the burro. He lived also in Spain and other parts of Europe leading to his love of people doing their daily chores. The common bonds of life so to speak.

I remember reading that he often drew first with a felt tipped pen and then added color. In person it would be awesome to see way the paint was laid on. If you have a chance to view this artists’ work please do so.

The above link is to his own site, this page takes a minute or 2 to load but is well worth it. I greatly admire his drawing of clusters and groups of people.

Below is a clip of the artist from an Art Students League demo talking about drawing the figure with George Bridgeman.

The artist just passed away in February of this year and his paintings will be missed greatly.

He was the first winner of the National Academy of Western Art Prix de West.

try a drawing or painting at your farmers market today!