Artist of the moment…. Kevin Fitzgerald…..


this artist is well known and collected for his wonderful landscape paintings.  I enjoy all forms of art, but my favorite are when I can look at something and get a feeling from it. That is what his landscapes do to me. His use of soft and diffused light seldom a hard edge are ideal for landscape painter to study. If you want to get a feeling rather than just a likeness study this artist as well as Kevin MacPherson, Russell Chatham, Daniel Pinkham, Tim Deibler, Stephen Quiller, and Lynn Boggess.

This artist was born in Washington D.C. in 1953. He started drawing and learning how to be an artist at an early age taking classes at the Corcoran Institute of Art in D.C. He attended the Maryland Institute College for his BFA and studied with Raoul Middleman.

Below is a clip featuring the artist talking about his work. At the end of the clip many of his paintings are spread out on the floor of a gallery and you can see even from a distance they get the viewer emotionally involved

For his masters he attended George Washington University.

Admires the Dutch and Barbizon School of painting and those are the artists that inspire his landscape painting.

One thing this artist can teach us to inject more feeling into your landscapes SOFTEN THOSE EDGES!

Happy painting!

Try a landscape near sunset!


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