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Artist of the moment…. Landscape painter Gail Morris….


I enjoy this artist’s work for two main focal points, color and simple shapes in composition. One is transported immediately to the location of the serene and peaceful landscapes she paints.

From a design standpoint I really enjoy what the artist does with square formats. Her design makes the viewer feel as if looking into a large block of infinite space. The yellows and bright colors of the land contrast perfectly with the shades of lavender and mauve.

The artist is part of several environmental groups and societies dedicated to preserving open space and the environment.

Her art has taken her from Navajo country and even to Africa.

In many corporate and private collections and has won numerous awards. Works can be found in American Art Collector as well as Southwest Art magazine.

I feel this artist is very contemporary in her design and enjoy her works for their size and simplicity. The works are similar to Ed Hopper as the viewer can feel the painting from across a room some 80 feet away! The artist lives in California with her husband and two children!

Try a landscape painting today using 4 to 5 simple shapes and simple palette of contrasting colors!

Happy painting!