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Artist of the moment…….Ford Smith…

This artist started out as a photographer in the Atlanta area, took to painting, and blending is business sense with his artistic ability has made very lucrative business for himself. The artist specializes in landscapes with an emphasis on color. I encourage you when you see an Andy Goldworthy or Ansel Adams take some time to notice the composition and the tone. You can learn a great deal from photographs as they are usually made for 100s or 1000s of reproductions.

The artist grew up overseas in Japan as his father was an Air Force serviceman. He became interested in art by watching some Japanese painters.

He attended college at theĀ  University of Missouri and got a BFA there. He then got interested in photography and made this his career for several years.

The artist longed to get back into painting and just past the age of 50 years old he sold his photography business and took painting again.

The artist doesn’t do studies or prep work painting layer upon layer of the wonderful horizons he sees in his travels.

I enjoy this artist because his landscapes are exactly what I like. Simple shapes and colors that get the viewer to feel the scene and not just look at it as a painting.Great use of reds and good compositions in his works. His originals are sometimes 4 foot by 4 foot so his works come in various sizes. Also the artist has recently put his works into fused glass so that you may have original functional art. Table trays, cups, plates are all available on his website.

Below is a slideshow featuring nearly 80 of the artist’s work set to some very soothing music.

He works mainly in acrylic. Be sure and check out or The artist is a great business artist selling various prints, giclees, and originals.

Happy painting!