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Artist of the moment……. artist Vance Kirkland….

Below is a very short clip about a writer talking about a poem she wrote about one of Vance Kirkland’s Paintings.

I took advantage of artweek here in Colorado and went to see the museum featuring the artist, it was GREAT!  The best thing about it  was the diversity of art objects. Art was in all forms realism, abstract, furniture, even ashtrays. I really enjoyed the furniture the most when you look at a piece that is from 1940s but at the time very cutting edge, its funny to see if the trend came and went or if it just died out in the 40s.

The artist was born in 1904 in Colorado. He died in Colorado in 1981.

Attended college at the Cleveland Institute of the Arts and finished in 1928.

Was fired from his job at teaching at Denver University, but later rehired. In order to entice him to return the school asked him what do you want?

He told them he wanted the same wage as the chancellor, and HE GOT IT!

In between teaching gigs he started his own school, this is now the museum that bears his name. You will not only his works, but those of his vast collections. I saw my favorite modern and contemporary artist Rex Ray for the first time in person and was elated to see he had a piece in the museum.

To work on his large pieces he would lie them on the floor and then hang suspended above the piece by 4 straps. He also was among the first artist to use oil paints mixed with water. His style for realism is very similar to Georgia O Keefe and later moved into abstraction around the time of the Ab Ex movement. His paintings of energy are wonderful as the little dots were made by dowels dipped in paint.

I found the museum to be fantastic and will go back soon! I highly recommend visiting it!

The artist worked up until 2 days before he died, working even in a hospital bed. I enjoyed seeing his path of realism  and surrealism and then finally abstraction.

Happy painting!