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Artist of the moment…. James Coleman….


Below is six minute film on the artist!

This is a really great artist who got his start working at Disney. I always see his posters and prints when I visit people’s houses. He specializes in landscape painting. As you will see from some examples he also does paintings of the Disney characters in oils. I believe the fish pictured are from Nemo, but he has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.

He was born in Hollywood, California in 1949. His first job was with Disney in the mail room which his mother who was a secretary got for him. It led him to meet the right people and he was on his way.

The artist got his break upon entering a Disney Studios Art Show where his work was spotted by a talent scout which led him to get a job painting background scenes in the movie the Rescuers. Another painter who is well collected and started in animation is Thomas Kinkade.

He worked for more than 30 years in animation and worked on 25 feature films!

I am sure you can find some prints to buy from this artist at Hobby Lobby  and I love his use of color. He paints the way you would expect a Disney artist to paint in oils. Magically dispersed soft lighting. I enjoy his water scenes!

Happy painting!



Artist of the moment…. Geoffrey Raymond….

I figured with all the finance news in the world today, if its not one country going bankrupt it another, lets concentrate on an artist who tries to get into the moment in history which famous people become publicly criticized. He paints mainly finance people  the first painting in this style was Rupert Murdoch. This was in 2007 and he really liked the way it turned out.

I have  included the current picture of Jon Corzine on sale for 85,000. What is so unique about the works is he does the painting and then goes to a spot where he will find people knowing the people and they will comment and then write on the picture. Great concept and super unique idea.

I hope he does one of Steve Jobs soon!

Here is a brief clip about the artist discussing his methods.

Another interview talking about Ken Lewis who was the CEO when Bank of America started going bad.