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Lecture review and artist of the moment…. Homare Ikeda….



this was the first time I have been to a demo to see an abstract painter, IT WAS GREAT! The demo was at Meiningers in Denver and I estimate between 50 and 70 people watched the entire demo.

Homare was born and raised in Japan. His wife is an illustrator and writer and they have done books together.

It was fun to listen to all of the thought that goes into one of these pieces. Before I thought abstraction was too chaotic, but the artist explained when he first started this works it took nearly one year to finish one. Just because the end result isn’t an exact representation of something doesn’t mean it was made quickly, that was the lesson I learned from this demo!

The artist warms up by drawing on copy paper with one hand then two hands to just practice movement. He might be working on as many as 20 pieces at one time. Working on one, then allowing the paint to dry, and repeating the process 20 times or more. Even adding in different textures like encaustic. I wasn’t aware of a cold wax, but the artist used a wax that didn’t harden until it was exposed to air for half hour or so. No burning or heat gun, just pour it out and wait a few minutes.

The artist also works in many mediums. Oils, acrylics, watercolors, and prints.

He worked on many pieces during the demo that were in various stages of completion, the largest one he had been working on for 5 months.

I enjoyed this abstract artist and it was great to see his working methods. Be sure and check out this artist’s website. He also teaches at the Denver Art Students League.