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Artist of the moment………..Charles Partridge Adams




Charles Partridge Adams was an American landscape painter renown for his images of Colorado. Charles Adams was born in Franklin, Massachusetts in the year 1858. His family moved west to Denver in 1876 and within a year he found employment at a bookstore.

Adams is considered by many historians to be the best Colorado landscape painter in history. One of Adams favorite subjects were the wonderful snow covered peaks of Colorado. Other popular locations he painted include Massachusetts and Colorado.

One of his first teachers was named Helen Chain, she was a student of the famed painter George Inness. The artist studied with various teachers for brief periods of time, but he didn’t attend a formal artistic academy and remained largely self taught. He honed his skills by going on camping trips, for as long as  three months, where he just sketched and painted the local landscapes.

Charles Partridge Adams passed away in 1942.

In this clip we view an appraisal of a painting by Adams seen on my favorite television show, the Antiques Roadshow!:

Price range information: Adams painted in watercolors, gouache, and oils. Prices range from $10,000 to $100,000.



Artist of the moment………..William Wendt



William Wendt was a German/American painter renown for his impressionist landscapes. William Wendt was born in Bentzen, Germany in the year 1865.

The artist emigrated to the United States in 1880 at the age of fifteen. The artist settled in Chicago, Illinois. Wendt worked as a commercial illustrator and attended the Art Institute of Chicago.

In this clip a montage of works by William Wendt:

The artist married a sculptor named Julia Wendt. Wendt taught at the Otis Art Institute located in Los Angeles.

Wendt was a founding member of the California Art Club.

For much of his life in California Wendt was based out of Laguna Beach. It was during his time spent in California that Wendt became a terrific painter of the outdoors and also sunsets.

William Wendt passed away in 1946.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $350,000. Wendt worked mainly with oils but occasional produced pastel works.

I enjoy the use of color by Wendt. The artist used a small amount of purples on mauves in his landscapes to show distant mountains. He avoids a problem that I see in many landscape works, too much green. Though in person a summer scene may have an overwhelming amount of greens, its tough for these works to sell as green is a tough color to match in the interior wall of house.

Another artist to check review who painted in similar style to Wendt would be Ovanes Berberien.


Artist of the moment……..Joseph Paul Vorst


Joseph Paul Vorst was a German Impressionist painter. Joseph Vorst was born in Essen, Germany in the year 1897. The artist worked as painter and printmaker. Vorst also created many murals for the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)

Vorst attended the Folkwang University for the Arts in Hagen, Germany. He left college to participate in World War One. From this effort he received a permanent limp. After college he would finish his studies at the National Academy of Art located in Berlin.

Vorst came to the United States in 1930 and would settle in the Missouri region. Vorst was heavily influenced by American painter Thomas Hart Benton.

Joseph Vorst passed away in 1947.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the exaggerated features Vorst used in his depictions of the farmers. Their large and heavy hands and feet show the difficulty of their lifestyle.


Artist of the moment……..Jeff Donaldson



Jeff Donaldson is an African-American painter and printmaker renown for his rather abstract work with the figure. Jeff Donaldson was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the year 1932. Donaldson attended the University of Arkansas located in Pine Bluff.


Donaldson went on to complete his masters degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology located in Chicago, Illinois. Donaldson went on to earn a Ph.D. in African Art history from Northwestern University. The first African American to do so.

In this clip many of the artist’s peer group talk about Jeff Donaldson:

Donaldson was a leader in the AFRICobra and Black Arts Movements across the country.

Jeff Donaldson passed away in 2004.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Some of the artists of the Black Arts movement had very similar styles. It seems they all could have been music album cover designers. As a group I enjoy the level of abstraction found in their figure works.



Artist of the moment……….Walter Schofield


Walter Schofield was one of the best American Impressionists living in the Pennsylvania region. Schofield was renown for landscape paintings of small farm life and winter scenes. Walter Schofield was born in 1867, his family had emigrated from England.

Schofield attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. The artist also studied abroad at the Academie Julian located in Paris, France. He also studied at the Academie Colarossi.

After getting married he and his wife would spent winters in the United States and Philadelphia. The rest of the time they bought an estate in Cornwall, England they made their second home.

Schofield is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City.

Walter Schofield passed away in 1944.

price range information: Sorry none available

Some other artists who paint wonderful snow scenes include Lynn Boggess, anyone in the Wiggins family of artists, and Aldro Thomas Hibbard.




Artist of the moment……..Steven DeLair


Steven DeLair is fantastic painter specializing in the landscape. Steven DeLair was born in the year 1944. DeLair attended the University of Nebraska located in Lincoln, Nebraska. DeLair enjoys painting scenes that involve the beach and multiple figures.

DeLair began as an Impressionist painter working in oils. More recently he has began to work with watercolors and acrylics. With these mediums he has chosen to work in a more abstract style with an emphasis on color.

In this clip a great interview with the artist:

Price range information: Many oil on canvas works priced at $2,000 to $6,000. Works featuring acrylics on paper can be found for less than $1,000.

I enjoy the artists new direction that explores abstraction in the landscape. This new style of work reminds me of artist Wolf Kahn.


Artist of the moment………Andre Derain



Andre Derain was a Fauvist and Impressionist sculptor and painter who painted figures and the landscape. Andre Derain was born in Chateau, Yvelines, Ile-de-France in the year 1880.

For his collegiate education Derain first studied to be an engineer at Academy Camillo and studied art the Academy Julian.

He met Matisse whilst taking painting classes and the two became lifelong friends who went on to found the Fauvist movement.

Derain was a featured artist in the famed Armory Show of 1913. The first time modernist European works were shown in the United States.

Andre Derain was killed after being hit by an automobile in 1954 at the age of 74 years old.

In this clip we view a montage of works by Andre Derain:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Derain was an avid printmaker.

What a great use of color! I can’t wait to see this artist’s work in person later this month!



Artist of the moment……Evelyne Boren



Evelyne Boren is a wonderful painter working in an Impressionist style. Evelyne Boren was born in Munich, Germany in the year 1939.

Boren is renown her paintings of vacation beaches, flower markets, and landscapes. The artist works in watercolor and oils.

Boren has lived an extraordinary life and has travelled the globe and also used to be stuntwoman acting in movies featuring the international spy James Bond.

Her story is so unique that when she appeared on popular American game shows of yesteryear such as “To Tell the Truth.” This was an older game show that featured guests with unusual jobs and celebrities that would try and figure it what their profession was. Her job was so unique, no one was able to figure what she did for a living. Her title was underwater stuntwoman.

In this clip we view a great scene, the artist at the opening of a very recent show. In it she talks about her past and her paintings:

Boren began painting in the 1960s.

Born has two studios that keep her busy. One studio is located in Sante Fe and the other in Mexico.

In this clip we view a montage of works by Evelyne Boren. My favorite works of the artist are her marine/ sea paintings. What a great sense of design and color:

Price range information: Sorry none available.





Artist of the moment………Stanton Macdonald-Wright


Stanton Macdonald -Wright was  an American artist whose worked in many genres including abstract and impressionism. Stanton Wright was born in Charlottesville, Virginia  in the year 1890. His father enjoyed the arts and was a successful businessman who was able to provide him with great teachers from a young age. Wright had a brother who went on to be a famous novelist writing under the name of S.S. Van Dine.

Wright studied as a teenager at the Art Student’s League of Los Angeles and Academy Julian located in Paris, France. He also studied privately.

Wright is renown for his association with Synchromist style of painting.  The artist painted in response to music he listened to.

The artist began using a hyphen in his name so people would not ask if he was related to architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The artist tried living in New York City,  but moved to the West Coast and had a wonderful and long lasting career whilst based out of Los Angeles, California. The artist painted many murals and public works, these mainly took place around the second world war.

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Stanton Macdonald Wright:

Stanton Macdonald-Wright passed away in 1973.

Price range information:  The artist worked in oils and watercolors. Works range from $10,000 to $2 million dollars.

Wright is part of many prestigious collections featuring modernist art including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art both in New York City and Whitney Museum of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Artist of the moment…….Robert Douglas Hunter



Robert Douglas Hunter is a wonderful painter who specializes in painting the still life. Robert Douglas Hunter was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts in the year 1928.

Hunter served in the United States Marine Corps.

In this clip more works by Hunter:

Here the Robert Hunter tells us what he thinks all great paintings have in common. From the Boston Guild of Artists Group:

For his artistic education Hunter attended the Vesper George School of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition the artist studied privately with artists Henry Hensche and Robert Hale Ives Gammell.

The artist is now based out of Walpole, Massachusetts.

For compositions Robert Douglas Hunter reminds me of the Dutch and Flemish masters who mastered the art of the still life. Artists from this time period made beautiful paintings from very limited resources. Floral bouquets were painted one at a time, even wealthy Dutch of the tulip era seldom displayed more than one tulip in a vase at one time.

Hunter is one of my favorite painters of vessels. His bowls, vases, and jars have a great simple shape and bold color. The bold and strong color makes for a strong reflection.

Hunter served as president for the Boston Guild of Artists for five years from 1973 until 1978.

Another great painter of vessels I have profiled would be Jeff Legg.

In addition to his own art career, Hunter has been a treasure to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts. The artist has taught over forty individuals who went on to professional art careers.

Price range information: The artist works with oils and prices range from $10,000 to $40,000.



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