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Artist of the moment……..František Kupka



František or Frank Kupka was an painter renown for his abstract style. Athough he is best known for his abstract style, Kupka also painted in a realist style. Frank Kupka was born in Bohemia in the year 1871. This area is now the Czech Republic.

Kupka attended the Academy of Fine Arts located in Prague. Kupka also attended the Academy of Fine Arts located in Vienna, Austria. In addition the artist also lived in Paris and briefly attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Academy Julien.

Kupka began his art career as an illustrator of books and a poster artist. Around 1910 the artist began working in an abstract style.

The artist helped to found a movement of abstract artists in Paris called the Abstract-Creation group.

The artist served in World War One and this surprised many people as he was nearly three decades older than most of his teammates.

Below a montage of works by Frantisek Kupka. Realist works are in the beginning of the clip and abstract works towards the latter:

Frank Kupka passed away in 1957 at the age of 85 years of age.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $900,000. The artist worked in many mediums including ink, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, pastels, crayons, and oils. No pricing available for posters or etchings.


Artist of the moment………Stanton Macdonald-Wright


Stanton Macdonald -Wright was  an American artist whose worked in many genres including abstract and impressionism. Stanton Wright was born in Charlottesville, Virginia  in the year 1890. His father enjoyed the arts and was a successful businessman who was able to provide him with great teachers from a young age. Wright had a brother who went on to be a famous novelist writing under the name of S.S. Van Dine.

Wright studied as a teenager at the Art Student’s League of Los Angeles and Academy Julian located in Paris, France. He also studied privately.

Wright is renown for his association with Synchromist style of painting.  The artist painted in response to music he listened to.

The artist began using a hyphen in his name so people would not ask if he was related to architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The artist tried living in New York City,  but moved to the West Coast and had a wonderful and long lasting career whilst based out of Los Angeles, California. The artist painted many murals and public works, these mainly took place around the second world war.

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Stanton Macdonald Wright:

Stanton Macdonald-Wright passed away in 1973.

Price range information:  The artist worked in oils and watercolors. Works range from $10,000 to $2 million dollars.

Wright is part of many prestigious collections featuring modernist art including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art both in New York City and Whitney Museum of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Artist of the moment……Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in the year 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France. The artist was a founding member of the Fauvist movement. Matisse was modernist in this technique and had a masterful sense and use of colour in his art. He originally attended college to become a lawyer. The artist then quit his goal of becoming a lawyer and wanted to become an artist. Matisse attended the Academie Julian and then the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

A key influence on the artist was the “primitive” or “naive” style of artwork that paid more attention to bright and bold colors rather than drawing or painting something in a highly realistic manner.

Henri Matisse was part of the Chicago Armory Show of 1913, already 100 years old.

Spent time in Paris and the southern countryside of France.

His hometown of Le Cateau-Cambresis, France has a museum built in honor of the artist. A link to this website is here:

At auction a work of the artist sold for $25 million dollars.

As you know I enjoy doing paper collage. In this clip we see Henri Matisse working on a paper collage! The quality isn’t the best, but I gathered some inspiration from it:

And in this clip a great selection of paper cut works by Henri Matisse:

In this clip a montage of works by Henri Matisse. I enjoyed the selection of portraits included in this clip:

In this clip we see the artist doing a sketch. He speaks in French, but still great to watch!

Henri Matisse passed away in 1954 at the age of 84 years old.

Part of many prominent museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.