Artist of the moment……Yutaka Sone

Yutaka Sone is a perfect artist to take a deeper look at right now, there are billions and billions of snowflakes totaling at least 8 inches of snow on ground! Yutaka Sone was born in Shizouka, Japan in the year 1965. Yutaka Sone is an accomplished painter and sculptor. The artist is best known for carving snowflakes out of crystal. The series is titled “Every snowflake has a different shape.

For his collegiate education Sone attended the Tokyo Geijusu University where he studied art and architecture.

Sone works in both graphic media and sculpture. In 2011 he carved a replica of Manhattan out of marble! This very impressive work is below!

In this clip we visit the show featuring Yukata Sone’s marble carving of Manhattan. The Manhattan work is shown towards the end of the clip.

What a multi media master! I enjoy his botanical works as much as his tremendous carving of Manhattan.

Price range information: Paintings range from $4,000 to $15,000. No prices  for works in glass such as the snowflakes. The artist can work in very large sizes similar to a totem pole. One carving of a banana tree was 25 feet long.


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