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Artist of the moment……..Carole Feuerman



Carole Feuerman is an American artist renown for her figure sculptors. Carole Feuerman was born in Hartford, Connecticut in the year 1945.

Feuerman attended Hofstra and Temple Universities before earning her B.F.A. at the School of Visual Arts located in New York City. Whilst attending the latter school the artist designed album covers for Time Warner Records.

The artist is a past participant in the Venice Biennial.

In this clip a great sample of sculptures by Carole Feuerman:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $1 million dollars. The artist sculpts in bronze and marble completing many public commissions.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

Below we visit the studio of the artist:

The artist does a great job at communicating the inner emotions of people in her work. My favorite works are those models who appear to be meditating with their eyes closed. Also interesting her use of oil paints and resin, the layering of oil paint also gives her work a very lifelike and artsy feel.


Artist of the moment……Yutaka Sone

Yutaka Sone is a perfect artist to take a deeper look at right now, there are billions and billions of snowflakes totaling at least 8 inches of snow on ground! Yutaka Sone was born in Shizouka, Japan in the year 1965. Yutaka Sone is an accomplished painter and sculptor. The artist is best known for carving snowflakes out of crystal. The series is titled “Every snowflake has a different shape.

For his collegiate education Sone attended the Tokyo Geijusu University where he studied art and architecture.

Sone works in both graphic media and sculpture. In 2011 he carved a replica of Manhattan out of marble! This very impressive work is below!

In this clip we visit the show featuring Yukata Sone’s marble carving of Manhattan. The Manhattan work is shown towards the end of the clip.

What a multi media master! I enjoy his botanical works as much as his tremendous carving of Manhattan.

Price range information: Paintings range from $4,000 to $15,000. No prices  for works in glass such as the snowflakes. The artist can work in very large sizes similar to a totem pole. One carving of a banana tree was 25 feet long.


Artist of the moment……..Edmonia Lewis

Edmonia Lewis was born close to Albany, New York  in a city called Greenbush, New York in the year 1845. Her actual birthday is not known. Edmonia Lewis was the first woman of color to achieve national prominence. Her father was African- American and her mother was a Native American Indian of the Chippewa tribe. Her mother was a crafts person and also created weavings.

Her mother and father both died when the artist was nine years of age.

In 1856 with some help from abolitionists Lewis attended Oberlin College located in Oberlin, Ohio. During her last year she was supposed to go sledding with some fellow classmates and she served them an alcoholic beverage that made them both ill. The two didn’t die, but were very ill. The townspeople revolted and a mob formed and beat her severely as she was walking home one evening. She left the college before graduation.

For most of her working life Edmonia Lewis was based out of Rome.

Her full name was Mary Edmonia Lewis.

A brief documentary on Edmonia Lewis with some of her sculptures:

Among people she created figures of were leading abolitionists, a leader of an African- American infantry group Robert Shaw, and also the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

During her peak she received two commissions worth $50,000. Even President Ulysses Grant ordered a commission from the artist.

Edmonia Lewis passed away in 1907 whilst in London, England.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Inspiring to see that despite her difficulties and loss of parents, Lewis relocated to Europe and flourished as an artist.


Artist of the moment……tony cragg

Tony Cragg was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1949. Cragg is renown for his sculpture works which can be very abstract and very real at the same time. A great example of this is the last picture in the gallery, what seems to be very abstract shapes are really faces!

Tony Cragg is a sculptor working with the figure in a modern manner. This clip  features an exhibition for Cragg given at the Scottish National Gallery of Art.

For his collegiate education the artist first was lab technician at the national rubber producers research association. He then studied arts at the Gloucestershire College of Art and the Wimbledon College of Art where he finished his bachelors of art degree. Cragg went on to earn a masters degree from the Royal College of Art.

First show in 1977.

In this clip we visit a show in Dallas of 2012.

Currently head of an art school in Dusseldorf, Germany. The school is famous for producing such artists like Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke. He was part of the teaching faculty at this school for ten years from 1978 to 1988.

Elected to the Royal Academy of London.

Price range information: The artist is very prolific and works in many mediums including gouache paintings which range $2,000 to $250,000. Etchings and aquatints can be found between $500 and $2,000. The artist once sold a work done in steel for $812,000.

A link to the artists own website:

Cragg considers himself to be highly materialistic and enjoys working not only in bronze, but also in wood, and marble and other found materials.

If you enjoy looking at a great mix of realism and abstraction in sculpture check out the work of Ju Ming whom I posted about with the past week. A wonderful artist hailing from Taiwan that enjoys carving fighting figures out of many different materials. Below an example of Ju Ming’s style.