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Artist of the moment…..Jason Salavon

Jason Salavon is a modern American artist who works with the figure using a computer. Jason Salavon was born in the year 1970 in Indianapolic,  Indiana.  For his collegiate education Salavon earned a bachelors of art degree from the University of Texas located in Austin, Texas. Salavon went on to do earn a masters of fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Salavon is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois. He also teaches at Chicago University.

In this clip a brief lecture by Jason Salavon and some works of the artist are shown:

In some works Salavon will overlay many photographic images on top of each other. Another technique, which reminds me of Andy Warhol is to use still images from a film and work from those, but place them side by side.

Another technique is to make artistic designs using statistical data.

Jason Salavon has also done installation work with several large commissioned works that are site specific.

Price range information:  Photographs  range from $4,000 to $12,000.

In this clip we view an installation of work by Salavon:

I love the photographs dealing with landscapes. With his digital expertise added, I can’t help but think the great Cubist artists would have loved to see a photographic that looked like one of their paintings.


Artist of the moment…….Aline Feldman

Aline Feldman was born in Kansas in the year 1928. Feldman enjoys working with the landscape in a very modern and traditional manner at the same time. Traditional in the fact that for much of her work she uses the traditional woodblock print. Modern in her use of color and the fact her landscapes are seen from high above, as if the viewer is on a the wings of  bird or inside of an airplane.

For her collegiate education Aline Feldman attended Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri  where she studied under Werner Drewes. Drews was renown for his cubist and also his abstract art. Below an example of Werner Drewes.


Feldman went on to graduate school at Indiana University.

One name you will recognize from this series on woodblock printmaking is Uni’chi Hiratsuka. Feldman studied the art of woodcuts and sumi painting from the master whilst he was in the United States in Washington D.C.

Also interesting is that Aline Feldman tries to use unusual materials in applying her paint, another reason her paint quality is so unique. Sometimes the artist employs kitchen tools or items used when sewing.

Though a printmaker, she works in small edition sizes usually of seven or ten prints.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a great use of the woodblock technique. Its obvious that Feldman has been influenced by many artists, much like Masao Madea, and it shows in their work. Feldman’s use of ancient techniques with modern imagery and the very modern view from high above the landscape, make her work exciting and dynamic to look at. One might say it has a very Pop-Art quality!

A link to the website of Aline Feldman:


Artist of the moment…….Masao Maeda

Masao Maeda was a Japanese printmaker who was born in Hokkaido, Japan in the year 1904.  Hokkaido is a small island of Japan. The main subject for Maeda were landscapes. The artist wanted to be an artist since being a very young boy. Maeda worked in oils when he was learning and developing this style. At this time he was painting in oils and in a more western style. By the 1940s Maeda concentrated solely on printmaking.

For his works containing mountains Maeda would hike to the middle ground and paint and sketch from this location. He was an avid hiker.

For his artistic education Maeda attended the Kawabata Painting School.

A major influence and mentor for Maeda was the artist Hiratsuka Unichi. Unichi was one of the most influential printmakers and blow a fine example of his work.


At the beginning of his artistic career Masao Maeda studied with a Japanese painter that was renown for painting in “western” style named Ryuzaburo Umehara. Below an example of his work. Maeda would soon meet other artists who were taking part in the sosuka-hanga movement and Maeda would soon follow this path.


Masao Maeda passed away in 1974.

Price range information:  Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…..Li Chen

Li Chen is a wonderful sculptor that was born in Yunlin, Taiwan in the year 1963. Chen’s favorite mediums are clay and bronze. He was trained in the style of creating art dedicated to Buddhist principles and the Buddhist culture.  Chen has enjoyed the process of creation since the age of 7. His work is a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism.

After taking art classes in junior and senior high school the artist joined the military to complete his mandatory two years of service. After this period was over, Li Chen went to work as an apprentice in a well respected sculptor of the human figure named Hsieh Tung-Liang. Below a great example of the loose figurative style used by Tung-Liang.


Li started showing his own works in 1999.

The goal of Li Chen is to express the Eastern culture and belief system through sculpture.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 to more than $7.2 million.

In this clip from 2013 we see many works live in an outdoor setting. Its great to see the vastness of the art. The clip is from the BBC. Some other artists are mentioned in the beginning and the Li Chen segment is included around 35 second mark: