Artist of the moment… color field painter Larry Zox…


this artist passed away in 2006 but left a great body of work. He painted mainly abstractly with an emphasis on color but and simple geometric shapes. He was born in 1936 in Des Moines, Iowa. He used color in a response to what was around him be it nature, music, or the city. A current artist who paints this way is Homare Ikaeda.

He started the Rotation series in 1963 which focused standard geometric composition which used varied colors. The shapes bended and twisted with a stark contrast between light and dark shapes.

The artist is classified by most accounts as an abstract expressionist or lyrical abstractionis.

The artist died at age 69 from cancer.

try a simple fun painting, limit yourself to one color and its compliment. Say Yellow with a purple, or orange and blue. Express yourself!


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