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Artist of the moment… street artist WK Interact…



this artist was born in France in 1969  and as mentioned in the youtube clip on the previous lecture about Faile, this artist was very inspiring to the upcoming newer street artists.

As an artist I enjoy the boldness, directness, of this style.  And his work have so much motion in them.  Not as much movement as a Vasarely or Riley Op Art  painting, but for a realist painter the movement is very extreme. Its as if you can feel the fellow having a nervous breakdown moment when you try to concentrate on the piece as a whole.Since a very young age the artist concentrated on capturing movement of people. Notice the piece with the terrorists, the are running across the canvas and in the middle are bullet holes. Very interesting indeed!

The artist is a gallery and commercial success. He has worked with BMW, Nike, and Adidas. Some athletes he has worked with are Kobe Bryant and Prince Naseem.

A link to the artist’s website and gallery are below.

Here is  youtube clip showing WK working with Nike and Kobe Bryant its great to see him action.

This is a great artist to learn from.  His work can be pure street, or pure high art. Try to get some variation in your work as well. Don’t paint the same old boring greys. Try to be bold and from the beginning concentrate on getting the mood you want in your piece rather than just a  heartless rendering.


If I was going to compare this artist to someone already in the fine arts field it would be Lucien Freud.