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Artist of the moment… Alexender Kosolopov…


this artist was born in 1943 and I might classify his work as pop art mixed with eastern political actions. The artist emigrated to the states in 1975.

Officially his work is part of the SOTS art movement. Soviet Nonconformist Art. The movement combined socialism, pop art, and dadism. The movement was also founded by Komar and Malimid.

The artist lives and works in Moscow as well as New York City.


Artist of the moment… Swoon…

This artist was a street artist but is now known worldwide. After filling New York City with her wheatpaste images. Her real name is Caledonia Dance Curry.

The artist studied art and design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and started doing street art in 1999. Swoon draws inspiration from the German Wood Block printers and IndonesianĀ  and Indonesian Shadow puppets. The artist places her wheatpaste cutouts in doorways, alleys, under bridges so that shadows play a role in the finished pieces. Many times she uses friends and family for her portraits.

On a personal note, I have seen her prints now showing up on the internet online auctions. I enjoy this artist for her bohemian lifestyle and willingness to push art on those people who wouldn’t enter a gallery to see it.

Below is the artist explaining her work at the Museum of Modern Art.

A ten minute clip about the artist on Walrus TV

Try a paste out, or a cut out today. Go look at wall of graffiti if you are lucky enough to have one where you live. Take it and try to decipher the writing and learn from the style.

The artist also has a book out documenting her tripsĀ  around the world and her extraordinary lifestyle.

keep learning!