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Artist of the moment… Graffiti master Blek le Rat…

its a well known fact I love street artists. Now the world is so open to art one can start out on the streets and end up having books and being in art galleries such as John Crash Matos, Keith Haring,  Basquiat, JAMESTOP, Faith 71 and all the artist I have written about.

Blek le Rat is a french street artist born in 1951. Here is a 3 minute youtube piece that shows the artists putting up one of his stencils on a wall.  He talks about making art for the people living in a sleeping bag. And the importance of working in black and white. I must agree, to communicate to a viewer that never has in his or her lifetime entered a gallery it must be flat and bold.Here is the link for the youtube clip below.


The street artist Bansky once said of Blek le Rat that every time he thought he painted something original he found out that Blek painted the same image 20 years earlier. The artist first started making his graffiti in Paris around 1981. In 2006 he had his first solo show in London. Many of his works on canvas are done with spraypaint. The artist loves to use stencils and has been called the godfather of the stencil.

The artist was once asked if he over spoke with Bansky during  a show opening in Australia, here is the 1 minute or so clip..,.