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Artist of the moment… mixed media master Richard Hambleton

The artist was born in 1954. He is the last surviving member of the art group of himself, Basquiat, and also Keith Haring. The group really hit stride after becoming taggers or graffiti artists in New York City. Basquiat has since died of a drug overdose in the 80s and Haring from Aids in the 90s.

Hambleton considers his art to public art, rather graffiti or streetart.

Either way he makes some great moody landscapes as well. Combining silver leaf as one is looking down  a long and windy road of trees. They are really neat.

The artist became known after making outlines of fake homicides, these would shock passerby who thought an actual homicide had taken place.Also he became known for his shadowman paintings. A shadowy street figure that has much movement, he would paint them all over in alleyways on fences. Where ever he dreamed. Later in his career he made some advertisements with a painted black Marlboro Man riding a bucking horse.

The artist was born in Vancouver and finished college in canada in 1974.


Try a silhouette piece ala this artist or Kara Walker. Experiment.

below is a preview of his last New York show…’

Artist of the moment… Graffiti artist Faith71


I enjoy reading about the street artists. In Holland they aren’t thought of as criminals, but rather important artists who make art for those people who don’t go to the galleries. I enjoy the truthfulness and design although I think much of their written script is unreadable. This artist works mainly in Amsterdam but also has sold some work at the major auction houses.

Not much out there on this artist. A few youtube clips in Dutch are below.His color on the large portraits is amazing.

Notice he uses spray paints for the piece.

try some drawings of graffiti or better yet try a painting! Let yourself. If its available try a canvas with some spray paint just to try something new!


keep trying new experiments!