Mixed media artist Mariella Bisson….

here is a great artist using cut paper and water-media to give a different artsy feeling to the same old boring rocks and streams you see. She got her degree from Pratt Institute in 1978. She started working with waterfalls mainly in Palenville, NY. It was here she started making the collages in black and white. Now she uses color and hundreds of fragments of color to make her pieces.

The artist first does a plein air on site sketch in watercolor or gouache that is 12 by 16 or smaller.  Working from this and other studies in the studio she creates the collages using paint, charcoal, and paper.

How about trying a collaged landscapes  for each of the seasons. I think they are great because it teaches you to use bits and fragment of color rather than just one blob of paint.  It really becomes apparent how many colors you can use if you do a portrait in a collage style.

Keep experimenting! Don’t ever be afraid to fail, just learn from your mistakes!



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