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Mixed Media artist Robert Kushner…

I have 2 favorite floral painters whose work gets me excited to paint some flowers, Richard Schmid and Robert Kushner. Robert Kushner was first a performance artist sometime appearing nude in the late 70s and early 80s. He has become known for his lavish and lushly created paintings. The work is okay on the computer, but when you see it person it is overwhelming the craft involved in one of his pieces. Most works contain acrylic, sometimes oil paint, a leaf  such as gold, copper or aluminum or silver leaf, and even glitter. The glitter really adds a WOW ! factor in person but online you can’t even see it.

He was a founder of the pattern and design movement in the 70s and uses a variety of mediums in his work sometimes only using fabric in a mosaic type style. He also from time to time does mosaic work.

The biggest lesson you can learn from him is to try and mix mediums and also to try working bigger than you ever have before.

keep learning daily! You will go far quickly.


mixed media artist anna fidler….

this artist uses a variety of  media in her work and even makes video installations.  I really enjoy her large paintings of various professional basketball players in Portland. I really enjoy looking at her depiction of Rasheed Wallace with all the microphones ready to capture one his outrageous remarks.

The Wallace piece is made on paper with pastel, colored pencil,and acrylics. Its 72 inces by 110 inches so really impressive from a size point. Its as if you can really feel how large the basketball player is in real life(nearly 7 foot tall)

The artist attended college in Michigan in Kalamazoo graduating in 1995. Also watch for the exciting negative shapes used by the artist.

Keep learning!