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mixed media artist Ingrid Albrecht… Rock writer

I love this artist and printmakers very unique work. She combines water and acrylics and inks to make designs that in some cases look like they could be on caves in France 1000s of years ago!

Her website is She has been to Canada, South America, Africa, China, and Australia to find symbols and words written on rocks by people who have long since departed from this world. Lost tribes of peoples in a way. The people she shows in her rock writing pieces seem to be running or hunting, very primitive but very expressive as well.

She uses a variety of media in her work, some look like stone, some of smooth texture patterns. She tries to invoke the viewer by emphasizing dark and light patterns. Her work is meant to have HEART and I find it very emotional. I love primitive looking works of art done by very skilled artists who are bold and direct in their style.

On some of her mixed media works she uses ink resting on water and then makes a print onto rice paper. I really enjoy the shapes and patterns on the seagulls piece.

Be sure and create something today! Anything! Doing it daily is what matters the most.