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Artists who paint water…. Eric Zener…

is another great artist that specializes in the figure moving in water. He is classified as a photorealist, but with the element of water even straight lines become exciting and abstract. He was born in 1966 in Oregon to a father who was  psychologist and a mother who played in the San Francisco Orchestra as a violinist.  After finishing college in 1988 he took off around the world bartering his paintings for room and board but now lives in San Francisco.

He became interested with bathers as the subject of his paintings while living in Spain. For his series of mixed media works he didn’t the figure directly on the canvas but used a photographic transparency that was mounted on wooden box and covered with resin.

Another great artist to learn composition of the figure and movement of the figure below water.

Keep finding inspiration!



Artists who paint water…. Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett is an amazing artist who loves to paint the figure in the water and really makes some spectacular pictures very large and abstract but the viewer gets the idea of the movement of the figure below water.

The artist’s website is

The artist was born in 1954 and graduated college from Los Angeles in 1978 and worked various art industry jobs such as painting backdrops and and billboards and theater sets. The artist is one of the most collected artists working in Hawaii and has been in numerous one person and group shows. The artist also has received a large number of commissions from Hotels located in Hawaii and also public works in airports.

See if you can try and make a great design with the figure moving in and out of water. Its a real challenge to show movement of the figure.

keep learning!