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Artists painting great water….. Charles C. Gruppe..

you might recognize the name, His grandfather was Charles Paul Gruppe, a highly regarded painter of marine life and also a great plein aire painter as well. His uncle was Emile Gruppe, another highly respected artist. His father was  deeply gifted cellist.  The artist studied at Yale and Columbia and also earned a fullbright scholarship to study abroad and ended up studying in Italy.

This artist has a few books out I highly recommend. One has a DVD out along with it in which  Charles C. Gruppe shows you how to paint a marine scene quickly with an emphasis on wet on wet painting. If you read what his students say after taking his classes they are most impressed as in most workshops you only get to work on a certain skill where as with Mr. Gruppe the student can finish an entire painting. He works in both oils and acrylics.

Try painting a marine scene or a river scene this weekend!