Artist of the moment…..Mayoreak Ashoona…

Mayoreak, also known as Mayureak,  is another of the great Inuit artists hailing from Canada born in 1946. She was born on the south of Baffin Island.

Her mother was a famous artist named Sheouak Parr.

She married another artist who like many other Inuit started out living off the land as a hunter and fur trader. With the decline in the fur trade he turned to art to feed his family. His name was Qaqaq Ashoona. Below are some examples of his work. Qaqaq Ashoona lived from 1928 to 1996. Qaqaq’s mother was famed artist Pitseolak Ashoona, whom I profiled not long ago.

Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.

A noted sculptor and drawer. Of all the Inuit artists so far, Mayoreak Ashoona is my favorite when it comes to drawing. Locations on some drawings can be kind of boring, for instance the patterns of feathers on some birds. Mayoreak Ashoona would go to great detail to give an area that is all feathers or a fish area that is all scales fun and interesting.

The artist is still alive but due to very poor health, hardly produces drawings or sculptures anymore. Below a picture of Mayoreak Ashoona.

Price range information: Only could find pricing for prints which range mainly range $600 to $3000.



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