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Artist of the moment….Kiawak Ashoona

Kiawak Ashoona was born in the year 1933 in the Cape Dorset area of Canada. Another of the great sculptors of Inuit tribe, he is held in high regard for his work with the figure. As with most other sculptors of the Inuits he works mainly in stone and also items like antlers and whalebones.

His mother was the world renown Pitseolak Ashoona I profiled not long ago.  In fact the Ashoona family is as well known as the Ashevak family of artists, other Inuit family of artists.

In this clip we view a wonderful work by the artist.

Appointed to the Royal Order of Canada in 2000.

Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy in 2003.

In the early 1970s an exhibition was formed that went around the world, showcasing the Inuit artists for the first time on the world stage. Kiawak Ashoona had a work titled Tornaaq and Young that was on the cover of the book sold alongside this famous exhibition.

price range information: Kiawak Ashoona has produced a small number of etchings and prints but they are rare, unable to form a pricing schedule. Sculptures however, are easily available and depending on size range from a few hundred to a $20,000 dollars.

I love this group of artists coming from Canada. If I were to compare the work as a whole unit of work I would compare the sculptors of the Inuits to the great American artist known for working with animals in a very stylized way, Charley Harper.  Many times I see an amazing bird carved out of stone and think that is the way Charley Harper would have produced his work if had learned the medium of sculpture. Below a great example of his style of art using fish as a subject.




Kiawak Ashoona still lives and works in the area.