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Artist of the moment…..Richard Texier…

Richard Texier is a contemporary painter and sculptor that was born in Niort, France in 1955. He is known for a variety of styles and works but I most enjoy his Surrealist sculptures of animals.

He is based out of Paris, France.

Started to paint seriously at age twelve. Eventually signs on to study architecture.

During the mid 1980s Texier has shows in both New York city and in several museums in France.

The artist has some themes he stresses in his work. Hybridization, when something can become something else, the Bear and Pig are examples of that. Another theme the artist likes to explore is skies.

The artist also likes to explore who and what we are as individuals and as groups. The artist is also aware of history of the human race and likes to explore this in addition to space and far away galaxies, perfect for exploring his Surrealistic side.

A big influence on the artist were the writings of artist Jean Dubuffet and the book Art Brut.

Another influence on the artist was the British artist Richard Long. Long is known for his landscape works many times involving a circle that explore a path of life or even the cycle of changing seasons. A work by Long is below.


Below an Angel /Bear hybrid work by Richard Texier.


And this pig also by Richard Texier.


In this clip we visit some works by Richard Texier presented to use from Hughes Penot, an art dealer in France.

Price range information: The artist is very versatile working in acrylics which range from $2,000 to $45,000. Bronzes range $25,000 to $120,00o. Etchings can be found for less than one thousand dollars.  Oils range $1,000 to $40,000.

A big move in the artist’s career came in 1980 when he was commissioned by the Georges Pompidou Centre in France to produce three films featuring artist’s propaganda.

Another influence was the artist Jean Degottex. Degottex helped him to create his architectural thesis in 1979. Below is an example of Degottex’s style.



I enjoy Texier’s diverse body of work. To be in the heart of the art world in Paris and to learn from masters such as Degottex, he is a great reflection of contemporary European art in the latter stages of the 1900s and also the  2000s.


Artist of the moment…..Nick Sikkuark

Nick Sikkuark is another of the great Inuit artists hailing from Canada. Nick Sikkuark was born in Garry Lake, Nunavit in the year 1943 . As you can tell from the gallery most works have are a mixed media combination of caribou antlers, walrus ivory, soapstone, steatite, and whalebone. In addition he uses such materials as hair, skin, and even metal to insert more detail in his sculptures.

For a few years made ivory surgical pins for the Regina hospital.

Sikkuark wrote books showing 85 felt tip pen drawings in the early 1970s, these were sponsored by the Canadian government.

There is  a book out titled the Art of Nick Sikkuark, you may see the cover of this book in the gallery.

The artist had a tough beginning to life as he was orphaned. Eventually he would attend school to become part of organized religion. He left this however and chased his dream to become a full time artist. His carving career started in 1967, he has been at it for more than four decades!

The artist is still producing wonderful works of art to this day!

A photo of the artist.


Looking back there are artists who paint landscapes, then there is Andy Wyeth. There are sculptors, then there are Michelangelos. Sikkuark’s later works are amazing not only for their use of mixed media, but for the fact that he uses multiple carvings on one scene. You might have a shaman appear with many polar bears. The artist has a keen sense of design and in addition is a great storyteller.

Price range information:  Since his scenes usually involve multiple carvings it may seem that his pieces cost more even though you are gaining 4 or 5 pieces in these works of art. Most works range $1,000 to $6,000.


Artist of the moment….Kwon Kyungyup

Kwon Kyungyup was born in Seoul, South Korea in the year 1975 and is a wonderful painter known for her work with the female figure. She is most happy when she introduces herself as a painter. For her collegiate education the artist attended Sejong University (also in Seoul) majoring in painting

The artist tries to portray her people as damaged either physically or emotional and many times they appear wrapped in bandages.


In this clip we see a montage of works that deal with the damaged and emotionally distraught female portraits.

Price range information: The artist works with both acrylics and oils.  Works range between $2,000 and $6,000.

The artist draws from Western themes, Japanimation, and modern and contemporary in her artwork. Two painters idolized by Kwon would be Caravaggio and Gustav Klimt.

A link to the artist’s own website:

I love the emotion expressed in Kwon Kyungyup’s females. The character’s are very emotional and seem to relate their troubles and insecurities to viewer. If I was to compare the artist to another painter Ali Cavanaugh comes to mind. Cavanaugh has appeared in national magazines for her paintings of the female figure. I enjoy the way Cavanaugh’s portraits play with patterns and designs in their clothes and her simple designs. Below a wonderful example of Cavanaugh’s style. Cavanaugh uses the arms as a way of communicating ideas to the viewer such as solitude, shyness, and fear.