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Artist of the moment……..Irene Tiktaalaq Avaalaaqiaq

Irene Tiktaalaq Avaalaaqiaq is another of the great Inuit artists from the northwest and Canada. Irene Tiktaalaq Avaalaaqiaq was born in the year 1941 in the Baker Lake, Nunavet Territory of Canada. You will notice that most of the Inuit artists are highly skilled as sculptors and also as painters. Irene Avaalaaqiaq has a very diverse portfolio of both sculpture work as well as paintings and prints.

Her husband is another professional artist named David Tiktaalaq born in 1927. Below is a great example of his style of sculpture.


Irene Tiktaalaaq employs bright colors in her works. She specializes in working with magic, myths, and shamans. As you have noticed many Inuit artists draw people transforming into various animals or lifeforms, Irene Tiktaalaaq has produced many of these works. Many works have to do with Inuit myths and feature half human half animal creatures.

Price range information:  Prints can be found starting at $250. Originals reach as high $3,000.

No more information available, but more Inuit artists coming soon!