Artists working with the figure…..Everett Raymond Kinstler…


The artist giving a tour about the company Artists Incorporated based out of New York City. An agency for the top portrait artists in the country. If you won the lottery and wanted to have the best in the country paint your portrait you would see this agency.

Below the artist talks briefly about his career as a professional artist.

The artist has had a long and prosperous career. He was born in 1926. He started off his career working in the comic book industry. His sketches with a simple pen and paper are great fun to look at. For the drawings its awesome to see the line work, some of the lines are curved on the end, this gives the drawing a wide variety of edges. I like to compare Kinstler’s pen work to drawings of Albert Durer.

Has done many paintings of United States Presidents. These include Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagen, Richard Nixon, and both Bush presidents.  These works remind me so much of Sargent. I highly recommend buying this artist’s video lessons. With a very simple palette of cadmium red, cadmium yellow, white, and blue he paints a wonderful face.

Started working as a professional artist at the age of 16. He drew comic book illustrations as well as designing magazine covers. He also took classes at the Art Students League of New York. Later, he became a teacher at the League. At the League his mentor was Frank DuMond.

Some names of the comic book characters he worked with as an illustrator are the Black Hood, the Black Terror, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, Jesse James, Silvertip, Zorro, Murderous Gangsters, Kit Carson, Geronimo, the Phantom Witch Doctor, Wild Bill Hickok, the Masked Bandit, and Wyatt  Earp. This is just a short list, he worked on many more but I thought these might be the most familiar. As far as genres he worked mainly with western and war themes.

low price range: If you are adept at online auctions you can find pen and ink original drawings for around $1,000. Many beautiful women and fantastically drawn horses are some good subjects to watch for in looking to see great compositions from the artist.

high price range:  Here is a link to the website of Masters of Portrait Art. He is one of the artists included and prices start at $25,000 per person. Its a great website to see what the best figure artists in the country are charging. The company offers a variety of mediums from drawing, painting, to sculpture. Some charge into the six figure range per person so you can see what styles that portrait collectors are happy to pay the most for.

For your art homework take a few colors, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, white, and blue. See if you can a couple of hours and do a great sketch of a figure.

Happy painting!


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