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Artists that portray food….Robert Sweeney…

An overview of the artist’s work.

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas


This  artist  paints a wide variety of subject matter from landscapes, floral still lifes, and my favorite the dessert foods such as pie and caramel apples. Of all the food the artist paints the apples are fun to look out as they are made to look almost plastic and shiny as just out of the oven.

The artist received a MFA from Boston University College for the Visual Arts.

The artist went on to become a  professor at Amherst College, a leading university when it comes to studying the arts, which is located in Amherst, Massachusetts.

On line and land based galleries: Kendall Art Gallery located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

William Baczek Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Not much info on this artist, but his food makes me crave an a nice warm apple covered with caramels. Sweeney also is a great painter of the city.  He uses compositions that show the urban sprawl of mainly European cities from a high perspective.  His palette in these paintings uses muted earth tones and a few greys which gives a sense of timelessness to the paintings. It could be 2012 or 1912.

For today’s art homework idea how about finding a high viewpoint of the city you live in, take a few pictures or paint from there if possible. Its refreshing to paint a landscape in a different view and it might help you to create better perspective in your landscapes.

Happy painting!