Artist of the moment…..Eve Plumb…


Your guess is correct, this artist was a childhood star on television. The artist played Jan Brady on the long running sitcom, The Brady Bunch.

I enjoy her paintings of coffee cups and various tableware. From a design standpoint its nice to see someone change the format of the dinner table still life. Many times the viewpoint is taken from above the cup or whatever the subject matter. The artist emphasizes the shapes and colors of her items. Rather than concentrate on elaborate antique designs the artist sometimes looks forward to her trips to shopping centers like SuperTarget for her chance to buy patterned table cloths and plastic cups.

A short interview with the artist discussing a show in 2010 that took place at a gallery in Richmond, Virginia. She talks about her motivations and how she started painting as something to keep her going when she between acting jobs. The artist is self taught. She loves to paint as it is such a creative outlet for her talents. In acting you sometimes wait for a project, with painting her still life she can come along any time of the day or night and create a wonderful work of art.  It gives her a level of control over her artistic abilities.

The artist was born in 1958 in Burbank, California.  She began to appear in television commercials in 1966. In the late sixties she appeared on various television shows such as The Big Valley, Lassie, The Virginian, and Gunsmoke. From 1969 to 1974 she appeared as the middle sister named Jan on the Brady Bruch show. Her most famous line was perhaps,” Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” when she was complaining about all the attention her older sister received whilst she got hardly any attention.

online and land based galleries: Bonner David Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Wynne- Fine Art in Chatham, MA.

The artist works with oils on canvas and linen. Her sizes are from 9 by 12 inches to 40 by 40 inches.

A link to the artist’s own website:

The artist lives and works out of her home in Laguna Beach, California.

Working with oils now, she started working with watercolors and acrylics. She then tried casein, and finally become adept in oils. She started to copy and study graphic design and commercial print ads from the 1950s and 1960s. She noticed the way sunlight hit certain objects she had around the house and she became more interested in photographing and painting simple still life works.

She and her husband like to collect items like creamers, tea cups, and bowls.  She took this idea and has now expanded it to working with table settings that you might see in a cafe or restaurant.

I enjoy this artist because she LOVES to drink coffee so it made sense that she would love to paint coffee as a subject matter. Her art has grown a great deal in the past couple of years as she has improved her composition skills and is great at capturing cascading light.

Try a painting of your favorite coffee or tea cup today! Using a design idea from this artist try painting it without a horizon line.



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