artist of the moment….. Graffiti artist Brad Downey…


this artist was born in Kentucky in 1980 and studied in London as well as New York at the Pratt Institute.  His family was part of the Marine Corp so he was always on the move as youngster. Always taking note of the similarities and differences of his surroundings. The artist uses film, sculpture, painting, and drawing as his main mediums of expression. He currently lives and works in Berlin.


The artist has done commissions for the events such as the Tour De France. He has also done work for one of the major collectors in all of Europe, Charles Saatchi. He has also exhibited in Germany, England, and Scotland, as well as New York City.

Please note this great book titled the Adventures of Darius and Downey. A great book detailing the adventures of street artists Leon Reid and Brad Downey did their first collaboration in 2000.

Currently my favorite artist, Swoon, wrote the introduction.

Below is  youtube clip about the artist working on the Graffiti Wall of Fame in Vienna, Austria.


keep learning different mediums, in the end its all beneficial!


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