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Artist of the moment………Photographer Robert Frank


Robert Frank was born in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 1924. Frank is renown for his photography featuring the many classes of people and ethnic groups that make up America. Frank produced a book of his images called the Americans in 1958.

Coming from Europe, the artist found the pace of life in America to fast. He also thought too much attention is given to money.

Here we see a collection of works by Robert Frank presented by the Smithsonian:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to nearly $700,000 for his famous work featuring a trolley car in New Orleans. This work is the third from the bottom in the picture gallery.

In addition to photography Frank was a film maker who enjoyed shooting documentaries. The artist produced a film that covered the Rolling Stones whilst on a music tour. The film was controversial and the Stones ended up suing Frank for the copyright to the film. The movie can only be shown 5 times per year and Frank must be present.

What an interesting story. As compared to other New York City area photographers such as Diana Arbus, already profiled here, who captured dwarfs and very unique people in the big Apple. Frank travelled the world over shooting wonderful works of people going about their daily business. His highest selling work, the trolley, is a great snapshot of American life in a major metropolitan city.



Artist of the moment…….Marc Rembold

Marc Rembold was born in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 1963.Rembold developed his style of working with the color spectrum in the 1980s. Rembold defined his work as living colors which change their value as the temperature of light changes. The artist works with many mediums including resin and petrol cans covered with gold. Rembold enjoys working with plexiglass.  The artist is trying to captivate your eye with the items including glitter and finding ways to make light dance around text.

I have written many times on “Light Artists” and my favorite includes the artist Jams Turrell.

The artist is now based out of Basel, Switzerland.

A wonderful blend of modern technology and text in this clip:

Another work of modern pop art by Marc Rembold;

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In addition to James Turrell another light artist in the news frequently this year has been Leo Villareal. Villareal has made a wonderful light installation on the San Francisco Bridge that has drawn rave reviews from locals, visitors, and even the mayor. Below a clip showing this display of lights on the San Francisco Bridge. The artwork uses state of the art lights so the cost is very little per day.