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Artist of the moment…Street artist Zevs…

If you enjoy street artists two other well known Parisian artists would be Invader whom I have posted about before and Monsieur A. Below is a work by Monsieur A

And some works by Zevs.




Zevs is an internationally renown street artist based in Paris, France. Zevs was born in 1977 but his official name is not known. He is best known for his liquidation technique. He takes a modern common well known image and makes it seem like it was freshly painted and the paint is falling to the ground, perhaps the brand or the icon is falling apart or dissolving. . Very unique with an interesting texture. The target of many of these works are large multinational companies and brands like Coca Cola, Apple,  and McDonalds.

Price range information: Photographs range from a few hundred to $2000. Original works in acrylics range $10,000 to $30,000. Prints range $2000 to $15,000.

Paints often with Liquitex on canvas.

Named himself Zevs, a product of Zeus, a subway train that nearly ran him over in Paris.

Has been arrested as a vandal in Paris and Hong Kong.

Also known for visual kidnapping. The artist doesn’t like well known brands to destruct his view of Paris, so he has taken scissors and knife to some bill boards in the past and cut holes in the posters! He called it visual kidnapping, and said PAY NOW!  This brought the artist much controversy and fame!

In this clip we see a brief profile about the artist including some original street works!

Another awesome clip! Watch Zevs in action! I thought what a unique personality, like a superhero from the old days of the original Batman he goes out complete with mask and does a work on the side of Giorgio Armani building. As a mentioned before his work has a very unique paint quality and texture.


Another successful street and graffiti artist!