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Artist of the moment…….Yoshitaka Nakao

Nakao was born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in the year 1911. Nakao is wonderful printmaker who works with the figure in an abstract manner. When I first saw his artwork, I was reminded of the great artists of the Art Deco period. Smooth and flowing lines so we will compare the work of Yoshitaka Nakao to that of Art Deco master.

The artist developed a style similar to Haki Maki for developing his own textured prints. The artist would pour cement into ready made frames and then score them after they were poured. When adding colour to his prints he would use oil pigments.

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Yoshitaka Nakao is included in the National Gallery of Art located in Washington D. C.

Yoshitaka Nakao was mainly a self taught artist. He did work with the tutledge of artist Azechi Umetaro. Umetaro was from the same region and was a farm boy. He worked hard and was able to become a professional artist. Below an example of Azechi’s ┬ástyle.


I sure enjoy the Modernist interpretation of the figure by Yoshitaka Naoka.