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Artist of the moment…..Yoshida Hodaka

Yoshida Hodaka was born in the year 1926 to a very artistic family, both parents were painters of Western style art and then after 1925 both artists followed the shin hanga movement. His parents both were printmakers and also painters in watercolour and oils. His father wanted the artist to become a scientist. He further disappointed his father by choosing an abstract painting style, rather than the more Western style of his parents. And older brother named Toshi was also an artist.

Below an example of his father Hiroshi¬† Yoshida’s style of art:


And an example of art from his mother Fujio Yoshida:


Yoshida Hodaka enjoyed using items from cultures from around the world. He was also among the first to use use photo transfers in his art, another reason he is associated with the modernist movement.

Yoshida Hodaka married another artist, Chizuko Yoshida. She is famous for her butterfly prints, I have done a post on her work already but here is a great example of her butterfly imagery.


The couple had a son who is a jewelry maker. Another daughter named Ayomi Yoshida is also an artist who makes installations and also woodblock prints. Below an example of her artwork with a print of water.


Yoshida Hodaka passed away in 1995. Fortunately there are many other artists in this family to carry on the creative vision.

What a family of artists!

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