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Artist of the moment…..Fujio Yoshida


Fujio Yoshida was born into the great Yoshida family of artists. Fujio Yoshida was born in Japan in the year 1887. Her mother (Rui, Yoshida) and her father (Kasaburo Yoshida) were both artists.

Yoshida worked in many styles over here career and including with works that depict large flowers. The artist also painted wonderful landscapes and also abstract works. The artist started in the art world with paintings of Japan painted in watercolors.

Her first solo exhibition took place in 1980.

Fujio Yoshida passed away in 1987 at 99 years of age.

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What a great sense of design! The large floral paintings of one flower seen from a close view point are often compared to the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe. In a family of artists, she was the first renowned female painter.