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Artist of the moment…….Ay-O


Ay-O is a contemporary artist associated with the Fluxus movement and his “rainbow” style of painting. Ay-O was born in Takao, Iijima, Japan in the year 1931.

It was performance artist Yoko-Ono who introduced Ay-O to a leader in the Fluxus movement named George Maciunas. Ay-O joined the movement in 1963.

Ay-O is known as the Rainbow artist as much of his work deals with the gradations of the colors of the rainbow. In some large works he has done nearly 200 different gradations of color and light.

The artist is also known for his sculptures that are called “finger boxes.” These finger boxes must be seen and touched┬áto be part of the art. On the inside of these boxes are materials including hair, cotton, nails, and sponges amongst other materials.

Below is a an example of Ay-O’s finger boxes.

What a creative artist! More on the Fluxus movement of anti-art coming up in the next few weeks!

Price range information: Sorry no price range information available.

In this clip we catch up with Ay-O at a Rainbow Banquet event that took place in 2012:



Artist of the moment……..Photographer Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a world famous photographer renown for her images of celebrities. Annie Leibovitz was born in Waterbury, Connecticut in the year 1949. Her father was part of the United States Air Force. Growing up Leibovitz lived in many exciting locales and began to take photographs of these locations. The first foreign country that Leibovitz shot was the Phillipines.

For her artistic education Leibotvitz attended the San Francisco Art Institute but studied painting rather than photography.

After finishing college and seeing more of the world the artist found employment with Rolling Stone magazine. Leibovitz also served as an official photographer for the band the Rolling Stones.

In the gallery above I hope you recognize some clever visual artists Andy Warhol and Christo, of the husband and wife team. The artist is wrapped as so much of their subject was wrapped in some sort of clothing. Leibovitz will photograph some item that the public might recognize as part of the celebrity, for instance Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson motorcycle or the dark room of one of America’s most celebrated photographers, Ansel Adams. For her portraiture works Leibovitz tries to capture what the person does rather than who they appear to be on the outside.

In this clip many photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz over her career:

As a tennis fan I enjoyed this! A brief clip showing Leibovitz working with husband and wife team Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi. The viewer can see how meticulous Leibovitz is about he work.

One famous celebrity couple shot included Yoko Ono and John Lennon. The image shows Yoko Ono wrapped in clothes with John Lennon on top of her nude and kissing her. This image has been re-shot with various celebrities playing the male/ female roles.

Leibovitz worked with the Queen of England.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $85,000.