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Artist of the moment……..Xul Solar


Xul Solar was from Argentina and renown for his highly stylized landscape paintings. Xul Solar was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1887. Solar was a Modernist painter, sculptor, and writer.

The artist’s full name was Oscar Alejandro Schultz Solari. He officially changed his name to Xul Solar somewhere between in 1916 and 1917.

He enjoyed exploring such ideas as religion and astrology in his work. His first major exhibition was in 1920.

The artist studied music and architecture.

Over his career his preferred medium of choice was watercolor.

Xul Solar passed away in 1963.

Below a montage of works by Xul Solar:

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $100,000. Solar painted in watercolor, tempera, and oils.

Solar was always creating and invented his own languages. The artist also devised newer versions of classic items such as a piano that featured three rows of keys.

What a fascinating artist. He reminds me of Dali for his unrelenting creativity and mastery of multiple mediums.



Artist of the moment………Gene Davis


Gene Davis was an American artist renown for his style of abstract painting using vertical lines. Gene Davis was born in the nations capital of Washington D.C. in the year 1920.

The artist attended Maryland University and after college began a career as a writer. He covered local sports teams and also presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Davis was often a poker playing friend of Truman.

In this clip we see the artist at work from a longer documentary on Gene Davis:

Over his career the artist did many public works in and around Washington D.C.

Davis spent many years teaching at the Corcoran School of Art.

Gene Davis passed away in 1985 at the age of 64 years of age.

Davis’ artwork is included in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Institute and the Corcoran Gallery of Art both located in Washington D.C. and the Guggenheim located in New York City.

Price range information: The artist worked in many mediums including pastel and lithography which start at $5,000. Original works in acrylics can reach $150,000.

If I were to compare his work to another artist it would be Barnett Newman.


Artist of the moment…….Patricia Knop

Patricia Knop is an American artist that enjoys working in many artistic mediums to keep her creativity flowing at a very high level.Knop is an excellent painter and sculptor, where she works with clay on most occasions. Knop was formerly married to director Zalman King, and Knop herself is established in Hollywood  circles for her writing  talent. Knop worked in movies the Red Shoe Diaries and Nine and 1/2 weeks.

In this clip more works by Patricia Knop:

Knop is self taught artist and likes think of herself as an ” outsider” artist.

Her husband Zalman has passed away.

When she paints Knop enjoys painting with very thick and textured paint, giving even her paintings a sculptural quality.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What an amazing and talented artist, or shall I say super artist! Over her career she has co-written or written by herself more than 100 screen plays in addition to her paintings and sculptures. Another artist who was skilled in these mediums of art was Frederic Remington, the American painter of the Old West. Remington also wrote screen plays.


Artist of the moment……..Marie Hull

Price range information: Hull worked mainly in oils but also produced a fair amount of watercolors. Oils can be found from $5000 to $30,000.  Watercolors range from one to three thousand dollars.

Marie Hull was not only a great realist painter, but also lived a very interesting life. Marie Hull was born in Summit, Mississippi in the year 1890. In 1975 the governor declared “Marie Hull” day. Hull painted many portraits over her life and in the gallery you can see two great examples. The first is a self portrait by the artist the first painting in the gallery. The last is another wonderful portrait of Governor Lowry Bailey of Mississippi.

Hull was not only a visual artist, but also a writer and mentor to many up and coming artists of the South.

Its fascinating to me how old artists are when they realize they want it to be a career. For Hull it happened to her at the age of twenty.

Hull also studied music and practiced the piano in high school. Hull was able to learn a great deal of discipline from the daily practice, but she didn’t love music.

How come the artist was so late at choosing art for her career path?  During her k – 12 years no art appreciation or education classes were given. Art was not part of the public school education curriculum.

For her collegiate studies Hull attended Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi earning a music degree. She then played the pipe organ in church services and also gave private piano lessons.

A well known painter of the region Aileen Phillips Shannon moved to Jackson and Hull was able for the first time in her life to take painting lessons! Phillips Shannon was known for her landscapes and portraits. Below is a great example of her work with the landscape.


After studying with Phillips for brief period Hull knew she wanted to become an artist. She joined a local art association that concentrated on having an annual show at the state fair. Phillips then moved away and Hull after many battles with her parents, went to Pennsylvania to study at the Academy for one year.

After some teaching at the collegiate level Hull moved to New York to study at the Art Students League.

This time when Hull returned to Mississippi she was able to make a great living using all of her skills. Not only teaching music, but she was able to establish herself as a commercial artist. She was an illustrator of childrens books.

Hull would marry an architect. Hull traveled throughout the United States in order to paint and her husband loved to follow along to study the various styles of architecture.

The thing I like most about Hull was that due to her very late development of her art skills, she didn’t want this to happen to anyone else and Hull loved to teach to children. And remember this is in the heart of the deep south, Hull even taught art to African American children.

Hull has many attributes to respect as an artist not only a great musician, but a great visual artist. And I always enjoy artists who teach young children art lessons. Hull never stopped learning as an artist, and also never stopped teaching! What a wonderful combination.

If you enjoy Marie Hull be sure and check out another great painter of birds and flowers with a colorful palette, Ann Craven. Craven was born in 1969 and below is a great example of her style of painting.