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Artist of the moment……..Tomie Ohtake


Tomie Ohtake was an outstanding Japanese/ Brazilian painter renown for her abstract style. Ohtake was a painter, printmaker, and sculptor.

Tomie Ohtake was born in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1913. When she was in her early twenties she went to visit a brother who was living in Brazil. During her visit World War 2 began, she was unable to leave Brazil, and she never returned to Japan settling permanently in Brazil.

Below a short montage of works by Tomie Ohtake that shows many of her public works:

In this clip we view a series of glass mosaic tiles designed by Tomie Ohtake that are on permanent display at a subway station in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Ohtake represented Brazil on multiple occasions at the Venice and Sao Paulo Biennials.

The artist had a son who went on to become a world renown architect renown for innovative styles named Ruy Ohtake.

Tomie Ohtake passed away on February 12 of 2015 at the age of 101 years old.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

With her use of such innovative shapes the artist was at the fore front of contemporary art in Brazil paving the way for such artists as Beatrice Milhazes.


Artist of the moment…….Jean Carlu


Jean Carlu was a French born artist who became famous for his poster work in the World War 2 era. Jean Carlu was born in Bonnieres-Sur-Seine, France in the year 1900.

Carlu attended Les Ecoles des Beaux-Arts located in Paris where he studied architecture. Due to an accident Carlu had his right arm amputated and he switched from studying architecture to graphic design and illustration. His family tree included many architects. One brother of Carlu’s named Jacques designed one of Paris’ most famous castles, the Palais de Challoit.


Below a short biographical film on Carlu. Images, including his first poster of Charlie Chaplin, are shown starting 52 seconds into the clip:

Jean Carlu passed away in 1997.

One of his most famous works was for the wine label for a 1924 Mouton- Rothschild wine. He was also associated with a brand of soap called Mon Savon, which can be seen in the gallery.

price range information: This artist produced many posters and prints over his lengthy career especially around World War 2. Works range from $5,000 to $40,000.


Artist of the moment……….John Piper



John Piper was a British artist renown for his abstract and landscape paintings in addition to designing theater stages and sets. John Piper was born in Epsom, England in the year 1903. The city is within 20 miles of London, England. Piper also worked with stained glass and was an avid printmaker.

A wonderful montage of works by John Piper set to relaxing music:

The artist began collegiate studies hoping to become a lawyer. After failing his law exams and the passing of his father (his father opposed his decision to become an artist)Piper gave art school a try. Piper would attend the Royal College of Art and the Richmond School of Art.

Piper served in World War Two was made an official war officer from the years 1940 to 1942.

The artist had two children who also became artists.

Below is a clip from a documentary featuring John Piper:

John Piper passed away in 1992.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $500,000.




Artist of the moment……..Photographer George Barris

George Barris was the last photographer to shoot Marilyn Monroe one month before she died they had their last shoot. George Barris was born in New York City in the year 1928. Barris was involved in World War 2 as a photographer for the United States Army.
Barris was a key part of the public campaigns of the Army.

Price range information: Works range from $800 to $3,000.

In this clip we visit George Barris and another photographer as they recount their encounters with Marilyn Monroe. Barris even shows us the camera he used during the famed last shoot of Santa Monica Beach:

George Barris took his last image of Marilyn in July of 1962. Marilyn Monroe would die in August of 1962.

After his discharge from the Army the artist headed for Hollywood. He was able to meet Marilyn during the filming of the movie The Seven Year Itch. After working as colleagues the two remained friends for the rest of their lives.

A well acclaimed shoot was his work with the movie star Elizabeth Taylor as she was shooting the movie Cleopatra.

Barris spent two decades living in Paris, France. He now makes his home in California.

In this photo we see George Barris alongside Marilyn Monroe.


In this clip a montage from the aforementioned shoot at Santa Monica Beach, California.


Here is a work of art I made for my Grandfather!

My Grandpa Hoffman was supposed to be on an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to visit the Memorial. I don’t know if he will be allowed to go as he was supposed to leave this Sunday. I made this card for him out of paper collage, my favorite medium.

Grandpa was a tail gunner and we grandkids are very excited for him to be honored and hope he still gets to go on his trip!


Artist of the moment…..Jacques Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz was an artist born in Lithuania in the year 1891. He would go on to become one of the great sculptors of France living in Paris for a large portion of his life. Most of his working life he was dedicated to Cubism. So think Picasso in 3 dimensions! He studied engineering at first but then switched to art at the encouragement of his mother.

Lipchitz moved to Paris in 1909 and would become an actual French citizen in 1925.

For his collegiate studies the artist studied at the les Ecoles des Beaux-Arts located in Paris. In addition Lipchitz studied at the Academie Julian and the Academie Colarossi.

During the outbreak of World War II and Nazi death camps, Lipchitz took off for the United States. Lipchitz would arrive for the first time seeking asylum from the Nazis in 1941. He arrived in New York in 1941 and would eventually settle in Hastings-on-Hudson in New York.

Price range information: Etchings and lithographs can be found for less than $1,000. Marble works range from the low six figures to $850,000. Drawings range $1000 to $5,000. Works in bronze start at $2000 to his record for a bronze at 2. 05 million dollars.

In this clip we see a print by Lipchitz analyzed.

In this clip we visit a very large outdoor sculpture and view it from many angles. When looking at this work and the bends and folds of the figures I am reminded of the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens.

In this clip we go to Philadephia to view a large public commission.

Jacques Lipchitz passed away in 1973 at the age of 81 years old.