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Artist of the moment……Alice Rahon


Alice Rahon was the wife of the aforementioned painter, Wolfgang Paalen. Rahon was both a professional painter and also published author. Her painting style was abstract and minimalist.

Alice Rahon was born in Chenecey, Buillon, Quingney, France in the year 1904. As a child she was injured and spent much of time in casts and lying down. Most of her life she walked with a limp and had leg pain.

Rahon sometimes used sand in her art and also enjoyed carving and drawing into wet paint.

In this clip we view some wonderful paintings of Alice Rahon:

Alice Rahon passed away in 1987.

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What a great husband and wife team of artists!



Artist of the moment…….Wolgang Paalen


Wolfgang Paalen was born in Vienna, Austria in 1905. Paalen was associated with both the abstract expressionist and Surrealist movements.

His father was an inventor and his mother a leading actress. The family always lived in a beautiful living space including a castle whilst the family lived in Germany.

Paalen studied with painter Fernand Leger.

Paalen married an artist and author named Alice Rahon. She will be the next entry! Rahon was a minimalist and modernist painter.

The artist was inspired to move to Mexico by the famous artist Frida Kahlo. At this stage of his life the artist was working in the Surrealist style. The artist also painted in San Francisco, California. He would later lose his friendship with Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera over their political beliefs.

The artist worked with ink and oils as his favorite mediums.


In this clip we view an abstract work by Paalen. The close ups are wonderful to see how much color the artist uses:

Wolfgang Paalen committed suicide in 1959 at the age of 54 years old.

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I enjoy his type of Surrealism. Paalen created very unique shapes and gives the viewer a feeling of being in outer space, or at least a world far different from earth.