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Artist of the moment……….Emily Mason

Emily Mason is the daughter of painter Alice Trumbull Mason. Emily Mason was born in the year 1932 in New York City. Mason is a associated with the abstract movement. For her artistic education Emily Mason attended Bennington College for a couple of years and finished her schooling Cooper Union in New York City. Mason is also associated with the color field painters.

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First a shout out to Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason for being the longest married artistic couple I have profiled. The two artists have been married 56 years, but have rarely shown their works side by side. Here we visit one of these rare showings of both artists:

The artist also was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship which allowed her to study art overseas in Italy.

She is married to one of my favorite painters and my favorite abstract artist who works with pastels, Wolf Kahn. Below some works by Wolf Kahn. I have always been a fan of his work because similar to Len Chmiel, he uses unique color combinations not usually seen in the landscape. His blend of color field painting and realism leads to very unique designs.

Her mother founded the American Abstract Artist group. The abstract movement hadn’t yet caught the momentum that would in later years.

Emily Mason has been a professor at Hunter College.

What a wonderful artistic family!


Artist of the moment….Lois Dodd

Another interview with Lois Dodd.

A great interview with Lois Dodd! She talks about Maine and the surrounding landscape.

Lois Dodd is a painter working in a manner than brings back memories of Pollack and the days of the Abstract Expressionists but at the same time gives us a heavy does of realism. Lois Dodd was born in Montclair, New Jersey in the year 1927.

For her collegiate education Dodd attended Cooper Union in New York city. She also studied abroad in Italy.

In addition to her ab-ex work she also has painted many landscapes of the north eastern part of the United States.

Dodd doesn’t paint include the figure in her works.

Her style of using basic shapes lets the viewer imagine all sorts of finished images in their mind. In one manner it reminds of the great artist Steve Graber who makes tremendous landscapes using tone and no color. Here is an example from Steve Graber.


Another would be the master printmaker Robert Kipniss, another artist I have featured. Her abstract work seems very real and with her simple basic shape style another artist who comes to mind would be Wolf Kahn. Kahn was born in Germany in 1927 and lives in the northeast United States. He uses pastels and makes wonderful subtle landscapes, very painterly style below.


Lois Dodd’s work is a great example of Andy Wyeth saying he loves to see the abstract in things. For most people looking at a basket might be boring. But Wyeth could look at a basket drenched in sunlight and spend weeks painting it! My personal favorite series by Dodd is of the windows looking outside.

If you enjoy looking through imaginary windows and doors like myself please be sure and check out the art of Steve Perrault. He does a great job at creating atmosphere and makes a surreal and mystical place for the viewer to relax. An example by Perrault.


Recently in February the artist had her first career retrospective show at the Portland Museum of Art, it is still ongoing and includes 46 of her original works. She has been painting for six decades! The show is called Lois Dodd, Catching the Light.   Here is a link to a great article about the show:


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Keep learning and painting!