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Artist of the moment………English painter John Godward


John Godward was an outstanding artist renown for his spectacular works with the female figure and lansdscape. John Godward was born in the year 1861. The artist grew up in the Wimbledon area of England.

His father worked in the financial services industry. Godward was the first of five children born to the couple.

The artist would often paint many similar images of one particular scene.

In 1912 Godward moved to Italy to live with a model. His family disagreed with his decision and ceased to speak to him again. His image was even removed from photographs.

Godward is often compared to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema. Both artists had a penchant for depicting the nude, landscape, and wonderful architecture.

Below a great montage of works by John Godward:

Frustrated by his status in the art world Godward said the world wasn’t big enough for both he and Picasso. John Godward took his own life in 1922 at the age of 61. His family was ashamed and removed his images from all of their photographs. No photographs of the artist are known to exist. His family did not approve of his choice to become an artist.


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Godward showed tremendous ability in painting skin tones. The artist had a great sense of design and included many abstract elements in his work such as clothing that remind me of the great Andy Wyeth.