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Artist of the moment………..Ann Toebbe




Ann Toebbe is a wonderful mixed media artist working with interiors in a flat style. Anne Toebbe was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1974. Toebbe is both a painter and collage artist.

Ann Toebbe attended many of the best art colleges in the country including Parson’s School of Design and earned a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Toebbe went on to earn a MFA from Yale University.

What I enjoy most about the work of Ann Toebbe is her ability to change perspective viewpoints. Toebbe does a wonderful job at exercising her artistic license to make a wonderful work of art that is reminds me of the whimsical realism of  great Disney master artists of yesteryear.

The artist is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Anne Toebbe:



Artist of the moment………Mark Farand


Mark Farand is wonderful artist who paints in a very unique style, he twists and contorts architectural forms in his landscape paintings. Farand is renown for his fantastic use of colour and perspective.

Farand hails from Canada. Farand was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. The artist remains based out of Calgary.

For his collegiate education Farand studied graphic design at the Art Academy of Cincinati, Ohio and also the Alberta College of Art and Design.

The artist paints in oils and watercolour.

Farand is found in many public and private collections. Also look for his work at the annual Calgary Stampede.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Mark Farand:


Artist of the moment……..David Burnham Smith


David Burnham Smith is a self taught artist from the United Kingdom who is renown for his work with ceramics.

David B. Smith is self taught as an artist.

The artist was injured as a young man on a motorcycle. This caused him to remain still and as a result he learned to draw and practiced daily. His hospital stay lasted nearly two years. During this time another artist ended up giving him lessons whilst he was in hospital, the artist name was Erian Slack.

After he left the hospital Smith was a studio assistant for Slack. After this period of time Smith was able to find full time work as a graphics designer.

Smith started off as a collector of fine china. What he bought was usually damaged, but it was what he could afford. Smith researched his subject and eventually made his own pottery restoration studio in his own house.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…..Maxwell Mays

Harry Maxwell Mays was born in Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1918. His father was the inventor of the metal pen clip and ran his own company called Mays Manufacturing Company. Years later Maxwell Mays would serve as Treasurer of this company before the family sold it.

As a child he began taking art lessons at the Rhode Island School of Design. Mays would go on to attend college at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $18,000.

Mays began pursuing a painting career after being stationed in Brazil during World War Two. An art collector who was a naval officer enjoyed his work and this relationship lead to art shows around the country.

Mays worked in oils and watercolor.

Below a brief clip showing the 300 acre estate of Maxwell Mays that was turned into a refuge for animals:

Maxwell Mays passed away in 2009 at the age of 91 years of age.

Whilst serving his country one job of his was to produce maps. This would help develop his style so that he rendered landscapes from a birdseye view.

Artist of the moment…..Alexi Worth

Alexi Worth was born in and grew up in New York City. For his artistic education Worth attended the Yale University School of Art at Norfolk earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art. After this experience the artist attended Skowhegan School of Art. Worth went on to earn a masters degree from the Boston University School of Fine Art.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Worth has also made money by writing about art and acting as a critic.

Alexi Worth was named a Guggenheim Fellow in 2009.

A link to the website of Alexi Worth.

In this clip the artist talks about his painting work and how it ties in to photography:

What I enjoy most about the art of Alexi Worth is his very unique composition style.

The artist works in both oils and acrylics. For supports he uses boards or nylon mesh.

Worth has been part of the teaching faculty at many prestigious colleges including Yale University,


Artist of the moment…..Antonio Segui

Antonio Segui is a fantastic contemporary artist born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1934. Segui is known for his paintings and his prints. For his art education he was a visiting student at the Academy de Bellas Artes de San Fernando located in Madrid, Spain.  Also was a visiting student whilst attending the Ecole National Superieure des beaux- arts in Paris, France.

In 1957 first solo exhibition in Argentina.

Took up printmaking after a trip to Mexico and other Latin American countries.

In 1963, Segui moved to Paris, France. Segui lives and works out of Paris.

Segui has also painted murals.

A link to Antonio Segui’s own website:

Price range info: Acrylics range $6,000 to $85,000. Serigraphs and lithographs can be found for less than $1,000. Oils range $10,000 to  $45,000.

Below a montage of works by Antonio Segui.


The viewer can easily see Segui is very happy in creating his whimsical art.


Artist of the moment…..Dutch Artist Corneille….

Dutch artist Corneille was born  in the summer of 1922 in Belgium. If you do a “google” search for Corneille many artists will appear most of them French. The Dutch Corneille’s given name was Guillaume Cornelius Van Beverloo.

Below is a montage of works by the artist.

He moved with his family back to the Netherlands when he was twelve years old. Corneille studied art at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam.

The movements associated with the artist are the REFLEX and COBRA movements. Corneille even published poetry in a magazine that was published focused on the movement.

In some future posts I would like to write about artists who become collectors. These personality types are awesome to read about because you can learn about what inspires them and also what they look for in  great works of art. Some great collectors I know about are John Singer Sargent and Jeff Watts. I am sure many others have fascinating collections and I look forward to writing about them. Corneille was also an avid collector, but mainly of antique African artifacts.

Corneille relocated to Paris in the 1950s and lived in France the remainder of his life.

The artist visited Israel many times. He died in Auver-sur-Oise, France in 2010. The artist was 88 years old.

Price range information: The artist has done many lithographs and silkscreens. Lithographs can be between $100 to $3,500.  Gouache works can be found between $10,000 to $25,000. He has also done occasional works in terracotta and resin but not enough exist to make a consistent price schedule.

If you are visiting Paris find works by the artist located in the Centre Georges Pompidou.

I so enjoy looking at works from an unusual perspective and Corneille does this with his bird’s eye paintings of the landscape. I enjoy looking at the world through a worm’s eye  view or bird’s eye view, something out of the norm.

Outside of his brothers of trade that formed the REFLEX and COBRA movements I liken the artist’s work to that of French painter Bernard Buffet. Buffet was a highly productive artist that was collected worldwide. Towards the end of his life he developed Parkinson’s disease. He was no longer able to paint and suffocated himself to death as a result. Both Buffet and Corneille used flat shapes never blending edges. Both artists also had bright and vivid color palettes. Both drew with very simple shapes that you would associate with an intermediate artist concerned with shape but not dimensionality.



When I think of Corneille it brings to my mind an artist with a whimsical style who remained as expressive as a child at play with crayons, throughout his entire artistic career. Here was an artist that really enjoyed the creative side of making art.


Artist of the moment….Fernando Botero..

Fernando Botero was born in Medellin, Columbia in the year 1932. His style even has its own name “Boterismo.” He mainly paints the female figure but sometimes paints couples engaged in activities together. He gained a following after winning the Best in Show at the Columbian Salon. The Salon was held from 1940 to 2002, and brought prominence and acclaim to many past winners.

The artist is known for his paintings of the female figure. He emphasizes and tends to exaggerate the roundness and softness of the female figure.

Below is a clip showing some signature works of the artist.

The artist spends most of the year working in Paris, but makes sure to spend at least one month of the year in Medellin.

He was born number two out of three children. His father was a salesman and passed away when he was only four. His mom worked as a seamstress and an uncle helped out raising Fernando. He was not close to museums, but lived  a great life in the big city and was exposed to Baroque style art by going to churches and cathederals.

The artist went to a Jesuit school and then studied how to become a matador. He was able to earn some money and first became published at the age of sixteen. He drew some illustrations that were published by a local newspaper.

First group exhibition was in 1948.

Like many artists he also spent little more than one year working on theater set and stage design.

Botero has enjoyed many parts of Europe. For periods of time living in Barcelona, Madrid, and Florence.  In 1953 he moved to Paris and became fascinated by the Louvre Museum.

Having so much experience the artist has worked with graphite, watercolors, oils , in bronze, marble and charcoal.  The price range for watercolors are from $50,000 to $300,000.  Graphite works range from $5,000 to $70,000. Bronzes range from $80,000 and up. One bronze titled “Dancers” sold for $1.76 million in 2011.

In his way of seeing he exaggerates the roundness of his characters. On occasion he even calls them fat. Sometimes the  public hasn’t understood why he paints it this manner and I think its best summed up by his own words. ” An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to justify it.”

I found his words to be true and an example of why I think impressionism is just fantastic. The artist can not only connect with the viewer by painting an object that looks like an object, but the artist can also put his own feelings into the work as well.  Much like the beach scenes painted by the previous artist Potthust, he loved to paint the beach and people enjoying themselves. Just looking at his works makes me think of summer and fun at the beach. Its obvious Botero is quite fond of the larger female figure.

If I were to compare his work to another artist it would be R.C. Gorman. He painted large female figures of color that had a very carefree and playful aura about them. Below is a work by R.C. Gorman.

In 2005 he gained attention for a series done with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in the middle east. He painted many of the horrible events that took place. He didn’t profit from the works and donated them to museums.

He has been married twice. His second and current wife is a famous Greek sculptor named Sophia Vari. The couple spend  a majority of their time in Paris, Tuscany, and Columbia.

Below is a brief interview with the artist that took place in Swizterland in 2008.