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Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Stikki Peaches



Stikki Peaches is an amazing street artist and print maker from Montreal, Canada. The artist creates wheatpastes for most of his street art. His work in the studio consists of acrylic paint, silkscreen, and collage.

The artist often uses superheroes and comic strip characters in his work.

Below a link to the website of Stikki Peaches:

Stikki Peaches has appeared at Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

In this clip we view Stikki Peaches in action:

Here we check out a wonderful print edition by Stikki Peaches:

The artist’s tagline is to ponder, “What if Art ruled the world.”

Price range information: Most original works prices between $4,000 and $8,000. Prints can be found starting at $250.

Stikki Peaches artwork is a great example of contemporary Pop Art. I really his mix of comic book heroes and celebrity icons.



Artist of the moment…..Los Angeles Street artist legend Morley

Morley is a fantastic street artist working out of one of the greatest cities of earth, Los Angeles. His birthday is unknown. Morley is said to have the attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. His style is simple but easy to remember. Working in black and white Morley uses text to make social commentary that causes the viewer to question society and culture.

In this clip a brief bio about the street artist Morley.

2011 was a breakthrough year as the artist came under the watchful eye of Steve Lazarides. Lazarides helped Morley get started selling prints of his work.

Has taken part in a lecture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art dealing with the art of printmaking.

First solo exhibition was in 2012.

Price range information: Most prints are 250 euros. A link to the Outsider website that sells prints by Morley.,no-ghost-blue

A link to the artist’s own personal website. Updated pretty often (at least as far as visual artists are concerned!)

Its important to know that the figure represented in Morley’s works is himself. Imagine if Banksy included himself on all of his art!  Morley in addition to being a clever artist when it comes to using text, is also very skilled at drawing the figure from a variety of positions. The added figure gives the text more emotional content.